On 3rd November, we will go to the Concentration Camp Memorial Site Dachau to learn more about one of the most terrible things that has ever happened in Germany – the National Socialism and Hitler.

As soon as we arrive in Dachau, we will have a guided tour in English for about 2.5h. That sounds pretty long, but this topic is really interesting and the guides certainly know how to catch the visitors’ attention. We assure you that you’ll learn a lot about German/ European history without being bored out of your brains.

Afterward the tour, we will directly go back to Augsburg, so you’ll be back by dinner time. You should definitely bring something to drink and a snack for lunch.

The presale period for this event is over.

Augsburg Hauptbahnhof
Viktoriastr. 1, 86150 Augsburg

Nov. 3rd, 2018
Begin: 09:40
End: 19:00
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