Our ‘Hiking Adventure’ will take you to the beautiful German Alps. We will meet outside of the main train station in Augsburg and take a train together. This time our destination is called Flintsbach.

Flintsbach is a small village right next to the first row of the Alps and it is also the starting point for our hike. From the train station, we will walk uphill through beautiful forests for approx. 2h until we reach ‘Hohe Asten’. The restaurant up there offers great food and refreshing drinks (talking beer here) together with a lovely view.

After having had some of those foods and drinks, we will start walking back to the train station from where we will take a train back to Augsburg.

WHAT TO BRING: adequate shoes for hiking (trainers will suffice); clothes to change (another t-shirt etc. to get out of your sweaty stuff as soon as we arrive at the top); enough to drink (especially talking about non-alcoholic drinks here) and some snacks

WHEN: 11th October, 8.20 am; WHERE: Augsburg main station; PRICE: 11€

We are looking forward to an amazing day of hiking and hoping for good weather this time!

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Oct. 11, 2020
Begin: 08:20
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